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We Install Basement Theater Rooms

When you’re finishing your basement, you have a lot of options. You may see others using this space as storage or a glorified laundry room, but we know the myriad ways that finishing a basement can serve you better. One favorite is a basement theater room.

Creative Construction Solutions has been around for almost 30 years, and we can remember when a basement theater room was considered luxurious. But today, they’re becoming more common.

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Why a Basement Theater Room?

Movie theaters — when they’re open — are expensive. Bringing your whole family to a movie can cost $100 or more, and that’s before you even buy snacks. Building a basement theater room can actually save you money.

And it’s more versatile than you might think. You can use it for family movie night, date night when you have friends over and for parties. What better way to watch the big game, binge your favorite shows, or have a super immersive video game experience.

Basement Flooring & Insulation

When you’re considering building a basement theater room, our experts sit down with you and discuss the specifics. All finished basements should include basement insulation for optimal comfort. But with a home theater, insulating basement walls, as well as the ceiling, is important to muffle the sound and help with proper acoustics.

You often have many choices when it comes to basement flooring. Tile and hardwood are popular, but when you have a basement theater room, carpet is usually the best choice. The fibers help absorb the sound and cut down on reverberation.

Lighting Considerations

Light also plays a factor when you’re building a basement theater room. If you have windows or sliding glass doors in the same space with your theater equipment, you should consider blackout blinds or shades.

However, this problem can also be addressed during the construction phase. Many clients opt for a home theater that does not fill their entire basement. The reasoning often is that they want to dedicate some of the space to other hobbies such as playing games or working out.

Another reason is that your theater equipment must be properly matched to your space. Equipment that is too big or too small for the space can distort the sound. Or, you simply may prefer a more intimate home theater experience.

Whatever your reasoning for carving out a part of your home for a theater, the problem of light infiltration can be limited by building it in a portion of your basement with few or no windows.

Experts in Building Basement Theater Rooms

We have built hundreds of basement theater rooms, and we have seen it all when it comes to problems and challenges with this job. Trust our experience at Creative Construction Solutions, and get the result you’re dreaming of.

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