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Basement Finishing and Remodeling in Draper, Utah

Homeowners in Draper, Utah, interested in finishing their basement rely on the area’s top basement contractor, Creative Construction Solutions. We have completed countless basement remodeling projects throughout the area, and we have a long list of satisfied customers.

Basement finishing is popular because it adds so much living space to a home — sometimes even close to double the space, depending on what type of house you own. Plus, it’s a great investment. Your house will be worth tens of thousands of dollars more with a finished basement.

What Is Your Goal for Your Basement?

Draper homeowners trust us with their basement projects because of our honesty, skill, and our 30 years of experience in the business. Some projects we have completed include basement game rooms, home theater rooms, and man caves.

Other times, our clients are looking to create more space for their families. Whether you have growing children, a college grad who has returned to the nest, or parents who love to visit and stay over, they will be more comfortable in a basement bedroom. Adding on a basement bathroom will complete the suite (and boost property values).

A basement living room is perfect for movie watching, playdates, crafting, and more. We also build basement kitchenettes. And don’t forget about basement flooring! Consider tile, hardwood, or finished concrete.

The Cost of Basement Finishing in Draper

When you need more room in your home, basement finishing is one of the cheapest options. The reason is because the bones of the structure are already there. Your basement has four walls, a floor, and a ceiling. When you put on an addition, you have none of this and must start from scratch.

Plus, all your utilities are right there — electric, plumbing, gas, etc. When you put on an addition or build a room in the attic or garage, you need to run all the utilities out to your new rooms.

Basement Remodeling in Draper

Draper homeowners who have a finished basement that no longer meets their needs often call us for basement remodeling. They may want a playroom turned into a rec room, or an old-fashioned space updated.

Another big reason for basement remodeling is the desire to move walls. Maybe your family would like one, big, open space for a pool table or for the kids to practice dance or gymnastics. Conversely, you may have a cavernous space but want to divide it up into bedrooms or an office.

Your basement might also be colder than you would like, making it hard to use throughout the long Utah winters. The reason is likely that your basement was originally finished cheaply, without insulation. Rectifying this will make your basement comfortable again.

Rely on Creative Construction Solutions

If you are considering basement finishing or basement remodeling in Draper, contact Creative Construction Solutions. We’re professional, reliable, insured, and bonded. Depend on the best basement contractor in Draper.

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