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Are you looking into basement finishing or basement remodeling for your Lehi, Utah, home? 

Homeowners love these types of projects because they instantly add so much living space to a home. Plus, it’s a great investment.

Here at Creative Construction Solutions, we have been in the business for almost 30 years, so you can count on our experience to help you convert your basement into a useful part of your home. Some of our customers have opted to turn their basements into game rooms, man caves, or home theater rooms. Others just need extra space for family, and they choose to build a basement bedroom or basement living room.

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Basement Finishing in Lehi

When you need extra space in your home, regardless of what you plan to use it for, finishing a basement is usually the best and cheapest option. Why? Because the four walls, floor, and ceiling are already there, which isn’t the case with an addition. 

Plus, all the utilities are usually nearby as well, such as plumbing, electricity, heating ducts, and gas lines. When you choose to raise the roof, build a room in the attic or convert the garage to a living space, you have to run the utilities farther, which adds to the cost.

When you want to finish the basement right, insulation should also be part of the equation. Some DIYers think they can skip this step, but it’s a mistake. Without insulation, basements in Lehi, Utah, will be too cold to use in the winter months, and space heaters can be expensive and dangerous to run.

Basement flooring is another important concern when you are finishing this space. Many homeowners opt for carpet, engineered wood, or vinyl. Your choice may come down to how you want to use the space.

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What Our Customer Say

Pam Billie
Pam Billie
What can I say!!! These guys were fantastic! And I am not kidding. I was so concerned about picking the right contractor, that I really did my homework. I spent several months researching, and researching some more...that's just me. But it really did pay off. Long story short, they did as they said they would do! In the beginning, I worked mostly with Blake. He gave me a competitive bid...not the cheapest and not the highest, but right in there. He was always professional and courteous, as was his team. I saw the same guys day in and day strangers. When they entered and exited my home, they entered through the basement window. I liked this as I work from home and also travel with my work. During the construction period, I was able to utilize their "construction app" which made things really simple! I was able to use the app to see pics of the basement if I were out of town, communicate with them, I knew what was expected of me to pick out....flooring, paint, etc. The communication was top was a great process. In addition, my basement turned out better than expected!! I gave Blake pictures from Instagram that I had been collecting and WOW! My kitchenette and bathrooms are better than expected...they did as I asked and also made a few suggestions which made it top notch. They added a beautiful glass fireplace and it makes the entire family room. A truly huge thanks to Blake and his all were awesome and I can't thank you enough!!!
Preston King
Preston King
Creative Construction Solutions finished our basement exactly as desired. They helped with the design, provided options, and worked with our minor changes along the way. The quality of work was excellent and they were the low bidder on the project. Now Blake Barkell has become a friend more than just a business contact.
Wyatt Beckstead
Wyatt Beckstead
Blake and his team do top notch work. The time they take on each and every project to provide exactly what the customer is looking for is unmatched!
Lori Vaughn
Lori Vaughn
Blake and his team did a magnificent job on our basement. From the initial bid to the final walkthrough, Blake provided ample communication. He brought ideas we didn't think of - including using the space under the stairs for a small "hideout" for our kids or adding a vent into the bedroom we use as our gym- but were exactly what we were looking for. He offered options and ideas to fit our space and our budget. Throughout the process we received updates regularly on what was done for the day, what was expected as next steps, and if any questions arose. Finally, the quality of work done was superb and the final finished basement is better than I could have imagined.
Charlotte Peterson
Charlotte Peterson
Blake and his team both restored our faith in contractors and make our dream basement come true! Best investment we could have made! I'd go through them again and again and I wouldn't want to go through anyone else.
Jaren Prothero
Jaren Prothero
We needed our basement finished so my mom could move in and Blake was who we decided to use and we are so glad we did! He gave us tips and advice with his experience that was immensely appreciated. He had a solution for every problem that came our way and the finished project surpassed our expectations. My mom is so happy with her new place! Thanks Blake for all you did to help us!!
Kristopher Pike
Kristopher Pike
Blake and team did a phenomenal job with the basement of our new home. He worked closely with us throughout the entire process, giving recommendations and explaining every step along the way. Both my wife and I work from home, and it never felt like we were disrupted while the team was working and deliveries were happening.
Laura Talauega
Laura Talauega
CCS is awesome! They did a fantastic job! The job both started and got done earlier and sooner than expected. Blake was wonderful to work with! The care he takes on your input throughout the process is both professional and appreciative! They work with as little mess and inconvenience as possible! I would recommend highly! Love it! Thank you!
Travis Allen
Travis Allen
CCS did an outstanding job at finishing our basement. They were meticulously detailed and executed our plan and vision beautifully even though we asked for a lot of special work that they don't do for the standard basement. The craftsmanship was top notch and everyone that sees our basement is floored by how beautiful it looks. Blake and team were always responsive and had excellent communication skills. They've mastered the art of mixing listening to suggestions and executing them beautifully, as well as providing suggestions and options along the way to prevent decision overload. We've had a lot of contractors involved with getting settled into our home, but by far CCS has been the easiest to work with out of the lot.
Green Bird Baby Shop
Green Bird Baby Shop
Blake and his lovely crew finished our basement, and we could not recommend them more. They did such a great job and everything was very personable, and the quality of work is top of the line. If you are looking to get your basement finished, this is your sign to go with them.
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Basement Remodeling in Lehi

The team at Creative Construction Solutions also does a lot of work with basement remodeling, because many homeowners have a finished basement that isn’t meeting their needs. You may have one big, open space when what you really need is a bedroom and bathroom for your teenager. Or your spaces may be broken up among utilities, laundry, and storage when what you’d like is room for a pool table and wet bar. Basement remodeling is often a big job, but it doesn’t have to be. You may want an entire renovation, or you may simply want new basement stairs or some shelving or cabinets installed. No job is too big or too small for Creative Construction Solutions. 

Our Proven Process: Crafting Your Dream Space

Icon of a man in a hard hat and blue triangle, representing personalized consultation.

Engaging Design Consultations

Our process begins with understanding your vision, needs, and the specific characteristics of your Lehi home. This initial consultation ensures that our plans are perfectly tailored to your desires and lifestyle.

Workers in hard hats and gear collaborating at Precision Planning and Design.

Detailed Planning and Material Selection

Utilizing advanced design tools, we create a comprehensive blueprint of your envisioned basement. Our material selection focuses on combining aesthetic appeal with durability and suitability for the Lehi climate, ensuring lasting comfort and style.

A blue house with a heart in the middle, showcasing expert execution with minimal disruption.

Precision Execution with a Personal Touch

Our construction phase is marked by meticulous craftsmanship, efficient project management, and a respectful presence in your home. We recognize the importance of minimizing disruption and treat your space with the utmost care.
A hand holding a key and key chain, symbolizing access and ownership.

Final Walkthrough and Continued Support

The completion of your project is just the beginning. We guide you through every aspect of your new basement, ensuring it meets our rigorous standards and your complete satisfaction. Our commitment to you extends beyond project completion, offering support to ensure your basement remains a cherished part of your home.

Fast, Friendly Service

Dedicated team

Best Support

Depend on Creative Construction Solutions

If you’re not using your basement to its fullest potential, you’re not getting everything you can out of the money you have invested in your home. Talk to us to get some ideas for ways to make your basement work for you. When you want an experienced, professional basement contractor in Lehi, contact Creative Construction Solutions.

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