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Safe & Attractive Basement Stairs in Utah

During your basement remodeling project, you may not think about basement stairs as much as you do about walls, flooring and lighting. And that’s okay because the team at Creative Construction Solutions of Herriman thinks of it for you. We know you can’t get into your basement without a safe flight of stairs, and that’s why we take building basement stairs so seriously.

While there are more complicated construction projects than stairs, the truth is that things can go wrong with stairs. It’s important to have experienced professionals build your basement stairs.
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Local Codes for Basement Stairs

First of all, stairs must conform to code. That means that the risers must be a certain height and the treads a certain depth. There is an acceptable range for the degree of slope. Nosing may be required on stairs that have solid risers.

There may be a minimum width, and this is measured from the outer edge of the railing, not from stair edge to edge. Landings may be required at the top and bottom of the flight of stairs. And — this is important especially for basement stairs — you must have minimum headroom.
If the space between the top and bottom of the staircase exceeds a certain length, you may need to build stairs with a landing in the middle.
There is a set of rules for handrails as well. They may not protrude too far into the area of the stairs. If the railing is round, it must be within a set diameter. It must also be placed within a set distance from the stair treads — no higher and no lower.
The rail must also be continuous from the first stair to the last, and in some cases, the top and bottom must be fastened to the wall (not just to hardware that is fastened to the wall).

Rely on Professionals

As you can see, building a staircase correctly is not easy for a novice. You may be able to safely use a staircase that is not up to code, but you’re taking a gamble. Further, if your staircase is not up to code and a guest in your home falls and gets hurt, you could be liable for your error.

Additionally, you may fail to pass inspection after your basement remodeling project is finished if your stairs aren’t up to code. Or you could run into trouble when you have your property assessed or inspected in preparation for selling.
Utah Basement Finishing Stairs
The professional basement contractors at Creative Construction Solutions are well-versed in staircase building codes, but we also know how to build beautiful staircases.
We build a lot of straight staircases, but some basement finishing projects call for a winding staircase, or L- or U-shaped flights. A spiral staircase is très stylish — plus, it saves space.

When you’re finishing a basement, whatever style of staircase or handrail appeals to you, trust Creative Construction Solutions of Herriman to build it for you — safely.

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