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Basement Bathrooms in Utah

Whether you’re planning a basement finishing project, renovation or remodel, put basement bathrooms on your “must-have” list.
When asked what their home is most lacking, virtually every family reports the need for more bathrooms. Adding basement bathrooms is not only easier but also more cost-effective than adding baths in almost any other location.
Creative Construction Solutions has the knowledge and experience to stretch your budget to the maximum, providing added value and delivering the quality workmanship we’re known for throughout the Salt Lake City area.
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The Value of Adding Bathrooms to Your Utah Home

When it comes to comfort and livability in your home, having enough bathrooms for your family and guests is paramount. The stress of having to share space while trying to get ready for work or school can take a toll on your family.

You might be surprised to learn how much adding even a half-bath can increase your home’s value. According to the National Association of Home Builders, adding a bathroom to an average, 1,700-square-foot suburban home increases the value by almost 12%. Adding even a half-bath increases the value by approximately 10%.

Although your results can vary depending on many factors, any Utah real estate agent will tell you that the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are the criteria upon which every buyer bases their search.

Why Basement Bathrooms Make Good Sense

Adding bathrooms will improve your home and lifestyle in many ways. And adding those bathrooms in your basement makes your home improvement project more cost-effective.

Today’s home designs put utilities in easy reach throughout the basement. Running electricity, water, and sewer connections for basement baths is virtually always easier and less expensive than it would be for a room addition or major remodeling project.

You already have the square footage in your basement. All that’s left is designing the ideal layout and amenities — including basement bathrooms.
An image of a Utah finished basement. A logo for CCS Creative Construction Solutions of Utah is in the bottom right-hand corner.

Trust a Utah Basement Finishing Expert

Creative Construction Solutions is northern Utah’s basement finishing and remodeling expert. This is our primary focus, and with our combined 30-plus years of experience, we design and deliver the results you want.

We can assist you with any size project. Whether you want to incorporate baths as a part of a full basement buildout or you simply want to add a bath or two without undertaking a major renovation, call on us. We have extensive experience with historic homes as well as new homes throughout northern Utah, including the Salt Lake City and Riverton areas.

Although you have many construction and remodeling contractors to choose from, selecting an experienced basement construction company is the best way to ensure success. We understand all the challenges and special considerations these projects pose. We handle everything from design through completion, allowing us to create the most efficient and affordable designs to achieve your goals.

Contact us today to learn more or to discuss adding basement bathrooms in your Utah home.

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