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Basement Finishing and Remodeling in Herriman, Utah

Homeowners in Herriman, Utah, interested in basement finishing or basement remodeling should call the pros at Creative Construction Solutions. Our family-owned and operated business has been transforming basements throughout the area for almost 30 years.

Your basement is part of your home, and as such, you should be able to use it for more than just doing laundry and storing holiday decorations. Our Herriman clients rely on us for all types of basement remodel ideas, including building game rooms, theaters, man caves, gyms, bathrooms, kitchenettes, basement bars, and more.

Basement Finishing in Herriman

Naturally, many homeowners are concerned about the cost to finish a basement. Give us a call, and you’ll find out it’s probably less than you think! In fact, it’s a cheaper way to add living space to your home than putting on an addition or finishing the attic.

That’s because unlike an addition, the basement ceiling, floor, and walls are already there. And unlike the attic, there is already easy access to electricity as well as plumbing and gas lines.

Some DIYers think they will save money by not insulating basement walls, but this is a mistake. Basement insulation is critical to comfort and temperature regulation.

All we do at Creative Construction Solutions is finish basements. Since we specialize in basement finishing, we are able to focus all our attention on ways to be more efficient. We've also able to implement procedures that are designed to make the entire construction process as easy as possible for the client. We've got systems in place for dust control, waste management, and a client portal that the client(s) have access to as well as Blake and his foreman.

These are just a few things that we've implemented to make the basement finishing process as easy/painless as possible. If you live in the Herriman area and would like to explore the option of getting your basement finished, give us a call.

When it comes to selecting basement flooring for a newly finished space, Herriman homeowners have a lot of options. Carpet, hardwood, engineered wood, and tile are all popular. You may even opt for basement floor paint if you’re planning to use the space as a gym or work area. Just remember to add floor mats to reduce fatigue and improve safety.

Basement Remodeling in Herriman

But we don’t only do basement finishing, we do basement remodeling too. That means that you may already have walls and flooring installed, but you may be unhappy with their style or function. The experts at Creative Construction can create new rooms, add a bathroom, or transform the entire area to your specifications.

When completing these remodeling projects, we sometimes need to move or rebuild a staircase, either for safety reasons or to maximize space. We build straight, L-shaped, and winding stairs.

Rely on us to come up with creative solutions to the challenges your basement might present. Are your utilities, such as your furnace and water heater, in an unsightly spot? Not to worry! We can enclose them in a closet so repair workers will still be able to access them, but you won’t have to look at them every day.

We can also install sliding or folding doors, cabinets, built-in or recessed shelving, and more to help save space in tight corners.

Trust Creative Construction Solutions

Whatever your dreams are for your basement, we can help them come true at Creative Construction Solutions. Contact us and we’ll set up a time to come out and give you a free estimate for basement finishing or basement remodeling in Herriman.

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