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Basement Finishing Gives Your Family the Space it Needs

Do you feel like your family has outgrown your home? Are you running out of storage space? Do all the bathrooms seem to be occupied all the time? You don’t have to move — solve the problem with basement finishing.

Moving may seem like the easy solution, but trust us, it isn’t. Can you imagine packing up all your belongings, having them transported to a new location, then unpacking them again? It’s a huge chore and a big expense. Plus, you’ll be trading whatever problems your home has now for new, as-yet-to-be-identified problems.
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Basement Finishing is the Practical Solution

It’s easier to stay put and use your living space more wisely. That doesn’t mean expanding; it means basement finishing.

A finished basement adds precious square footage to your home. What are some of the ways homeowners use their new space after they finish the basement?

Playroom/storage area

Anyone with kids knows how much space toys take up. With basement finishing, the team at Creative Construction Solutions can line the walls with cupboards, cabinets, and shelving to hold games, building sets, toys, and more. This is an extremely versatile and economical decision because you can repurpose your space continually, from the time the kids are babies until they finally move out.

Once you get rid of the Barbies and Legos, use your cabinets to hold hobby items such as sewing and crafting supplies, books and magazines, holiday decorations, camping or sporting equipment, or even canned goods.


Guest quarters

Even if you don’t specifically build a basement bedroom, you can opt to furnish your space downstairs with a sleeper sofa or two to accommodate out-of-town guests, friends, or family members.

By adding another bathroom as well, you’ll have the perfect guest suite. Plus, you’ll appreciate having the extra facilities available as your family grows.


Entertainment space

Large-screen TVs are a must-have these days, but not everyone wants towering electronics dominating the living room or the family room. There’s a solution: Your basement can be your home’s entertainment space. Send the kids downstairs to play video games, or have the guys watch the playoffs there while you enjoy peace and quiet upstairs.


Game room/bar

What many homeowners love best about their basement space is the size. Upstairs, the space is divvied up into smaller rooms, but the basement can be one, large space. This is perfect for a pool table, pingpong table, wet bar, hot tub, or all of the above!

When you are tired of not utilizing all the space in your home, when you run out of room for your things or the people who live there, or when you just want enough space to do what you want, contact our basement contractors. Whether you want basement finishing or you are thinking of basement remodeling, we’re the team to call. Our experience and expertise are unparalleled.

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