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Basement Flooring Installers in Utah

When you’re thinking about what type of basement flooring you want, you have lots of options: carpet, wood, tile, vinyl, and even concrete.

As basement contractors, we install a lot of basement flooring, and one of the most popular choices for basement flooring in northern Utah is wood. You may be surprised by this because of the potential for moisture damage, but the truth is, it’s easily avoided.
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Keeping a Basement Dry

If your basement has the potential to flood during rainstorms, it’s critical to get this corrected before embarking on basement finishing or basement remodeling.

If your basement stays dry but sometimes retains a musty odor, invest in a dehumidifier. It not only gets rid of the musty smell, it prevents mold and mildew growth on carpets and furniture. It will also prevent your wood — or engineered wood — floors from warping.

Basement Flooring Options

Wood is popular because it’s so beautiful. A light-colored wood floor really helps brighten up a basement that’s short on natural light. On the other hand, a dark wood is perfect if you’re planning to install a wet bar or pool table.

A lot of northern Utah residents also like carpet for the basement. Carpet is warmer to walk on, and it cushions falls if you’re using the space as a playroom. Further, it cuts down on noise by absorbing sound. This is critical for those planning a basement home theater. In fact, it’s often helpful to add fabric to the walls as well to further improve acoustics.
An image of a Utah finished basement. A logo for CCS Creative Construction Solutions of Utah is in the bottom right-hand corner.
Tile is another popular choice, especially if you’re planning a wet bar or kitchenette. Vinyl is a cheaper alternative for those doing basement finishing on a budget.

Depending on how you plan to use the space — for example, if you want an exercise room or workshop — you may opt for simple concrete. You can add area rugs or rubber mats to reduce fatigue. However, today it is possible to finish concrete floors in beautiful colors and patterns, so many homeowners select this type of basement flooring for living rooms, rec rooms and bedrooms as well.

Rely on Creative Construction Solutions

If you’re not sure what type of basement flooring is right for your home, talk to us. As longtime northern Utah basement contractors, we know how different materials hold up over time.

We may suggest to you that you go with different materials in different rooms, such as a Berber carpet in the main area and tile in the laundry room. You may do well with a nice, thick carpet in the playroom and soft vinyl flooring in the bathroom. We might recommend easy-to-replace carpet tiles if you have pets.

We keep your preferences and your lifestyle in mind when we talk about your basement flooring options with you. Contact us today to get started on your basement finishing or basement remodeling project.

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