Basement Finishing and Remodeling in South Jordan, Utah

When you’re looking for basement finishing or basement remodeling in South Jordan, Utah, call the experts at Creative Construction Solutions. Our family-owned company has been building basement game rooms, home theaters, bedrooms, stairs, kitchenettes, bathrooms, and more for nearly 30 years.

Why let your basement serve as a catchall for laundry and out-of-season sports gear? You deserve to be able to use all the space in your home. Whether you need more room for your family, your hobbies, or out-of-town guests, your basement is the perfect spot.

There is so much you can do with an unfinished basement. Our South Jordan clients are always asking us about basement bar ideas, man caves, bedrooms, gyms, theaters, wet bars, and more. All we do at Creative Construction Solutions is finish basements. Since we specialize in basement finishing, we are able to focus all our attention on ways to be more efficient.

We’ve also able to implement procedures that are designed to make the entire construction process as easy as possible for the client. We’ve got systems in place for dust control, waste management, and a client portal that the client(s) have access to as well as Blake and his foreman. These are just a few things that we’ve implemented to make the basement finishing process as easy/painless as possible. If you live in the South Jordan area and would like to explore the option of getting your basement finished, give us a call.

Basement Finishing in South Jordan

We’re happy to go through all your options with you, including the cost to finish a basement. (Hint: It’s not as much as you think!) In fact, a finished basement is a much cheaper option than building an addition or putting rooms in the attic. That’s because the basement ceiling, floor, and walls are already there. So are the utilities (usually), such as electric, gas and plumbing.

Insulating basement walls is another big part of finishing a basement. Some DIYers think they’ll save money skipping this step, but they won’t. Basement insulation is an important part of maintaining comfort in the home, especially underground.

South Jordan homeowners have a lot of choices when it comes to basement flooring: hardwood, engineered wood, tile, carpet. If you’re turning your space into a home gym or a place for the band to rehearse, you might want to consider basement floor paint. This works well in the laundry area too. However, with this type of basement flooring, you may want to consider putting down interlocking mats to increase safety and reduce fatigue from standing on a hard surface.

Basement Remodeling in South Jordan

But we don’t only finish South Jordan basements — we do basement remodeling as well. That means if your basement is already finished but does not have the style or function you prefer, we can transform your space for you. Whether that means putting up or moving walls, adding a bathroom or kitchenette, or making your basement suitable for another use, Creative Construction Solutions can do it.

We also can move or build new staircases, including winding stairs, L-shaped stairs, and more, which can add visual appeal as well as save precious space.

Trust us to come up with creative solutions to your basement remodeling problems. For instance, if we can’t move a support beam, we’ll enclose it so you’ll hardly notice it’s there. We can do the same with your home’s utilities, such as a water heater or furnace, tucking them safely away in a closet where workers can easily access them, but you don’t have to see them on a daily basis.

Rely on Creative Construction Solutions

If you’re a South Jordan homeowner ready for basement finishing or basement remodeling, call on the experts at Creative Construction Solutions today. You’ll be amazed at your basement’s transformation.

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