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No Guest Room? Build a Basement Bedroom!

You won’t believe how beautiful a basement bedroom can be until you see the work of the experts at Creative Construction Solutions.
It’s true that basements are mostly underground, and therefore, often somewhat lacking in natural light. But think of all the bright spaces you have been in that don’t have any windows — gymnasiums, office buildings, Ikea. Since electric lights were invented, there is no need for humans to spend time in the dark (unless they want to).
If you do happen to have a few basement windows or a pair of sliding glass doors, these will help brighten up the space. But if you don’t, don’t worry! We can brighten up the space for you.
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Basement Bedrooms with Window Wells

A basement bedroom must legally have proper egress, otherwise, it is not safe for anyone to sleep there. Different jurisdictions have different rules about windows, such as how many square inches it must be and how high off the ground is acceptable.

If your windows don’t meet code — and even if they do — you may want to consider a window well. When we build window wells, we replace your window with a larger one and we excavate the area outside of it so that sleepers can quickly get to safety in case of fire.

Sometimes homeowners want a window well with a ladder, but in any case, these structures are a great source of extra natural light. You can even opt for window well liners with beautiful pictures of the ocean, mountains, jungle, sea, or one of hundreds of other scenes.

Lighting for Basement Bedrooms

While recessed lighting is common in basements partly due to the lower ceilings, homeowners often choose a different type of lighting for a bedroom. Bright ceiling fixtures with dimmer switches are a popular option. You want to be able to make the room bright for daytime use, but also have low lighting available for nighttime. You may want to add bedside lamps for this purpose as well.
Those who opt for basement finishing also often choose to paint the walls white or another bright color to lighten up the space. Teenagers with a basement bedroom may be more inclined toward darker colors and lower lighting, but you can always repaint when they move out.
Fixtures mounted on walls are another practical solution. They provide needed light without causing concern regarding headroom.
An image of a Utah finished basement. A logo for CCS Creative Construction Solutions of Utah is in the bottom right-hand corner.

Adding a Basement Bathroom

If you don’t already have a bathroom in the basement, it’s a great idea to add one when you’re building a bedroom. It turns your random extra bedroom into a deluxe guest suite. And having an extra bathroom is always handy, whether you have company or not.

When you want to turn your basement from a catch-all storage area into a beautiful guest suite, give Creative Construction Solutions a call.

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