Draper Utah Multiuse Basement

Draper Utah Multiuse Basement

Room to Grow

This family basement in Draper, Utah, was finished with two uses in mind. For now, our clients just wanted a cool and fun place to hang out. They wanted a place for all their gym equipment. An awesome, open concept theater room with a surround sound system.

And with a little forethought, we were able to run all the wiring for the theater room components to the utility room, where they’ll be out of sight and able to stay cool. And a little kitchenette with butcher block shelves. Popcorn, drinks, and a movie! We also created a small playroom under the stairs.

Walkout Basement Rental

This basement might be used as a rental. So, with that in mind, we installed sound dampening insulation and RC channel in the ceiling to help mitigate the noise transfer between the main living area and the basement. We also installed utilities to accommodate a washer and dryer. And, I think we got lucky on this one, but the bathroom ended up being large enough for a double sink vanity. So, for now this is a super fun basement where our clients can hangout and entertain. And, in the future, if it makes sense to rent the basement out, they are ready for that too!

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